Determining the Right Time for Roof Replacement

Every homeowner wants their house to appear pleasant, that is why the roof must look just as good. Your roof is integral to keeping your home safe and increasing its value. Often, homeowners only see problems with their roofs once things worsen. Before it gets to that point, you must watch for signs indicating you […]

When Should You Schedule a Roof Inspection for a New Roof?

Getting a new roof on your property is an exciting accomplishment. It’s certainly a significant investment and you’ll probably want to protect it for the long haul. A big part of maintenance for your property is going to entail regular inspections for your roof. So when do you schedule an inspection for your new roof?  […]

What Are the Benefits of Metal Roofs vs. Asphalt Shingles or Concrete Tiles?

There are so many different ways to cover a roof the world over. Some of the oldest methods of covering a roof (e.g., metal sheets, tin sheets, ceramic, etc.) are still in use today. Others are newer, spanning the last 100 years or less and include asphalt shingles. If you are preparing to replace your […]

What Are Ice Dams and Why Should a Homeowner Be Concerned If Ice Dams Develop?

Winter brings with it tons of issues for the home. From problems with snow on the roof to issues with gutters, there’s bound to be structural problems during the wintertime. One of the most common, and most dangerous, are ice dams that form on the gutters surrounding your home. If you’re a homeowner and start […]

Top Hidden Commercial Roof Problems

While it is possible to notice roofing problems, some issues may crop up and cause significant damage. Over our years in the industry, we have discovered that not all roofing issues are easy to identify. When you have a hidden problem, it may cause your business significant expenses in repairs. Therefore, you need to ensure […]

Standing Water Can Create a Major Problem on a Flat Roof

Flat roofs are common on most older homes because at times lumber may not have been available to build sloped roofs. Flat roofs also saved money and could be completed quickly. Unfortunately, flat roofs create problems every time it rains. Standing water can damage your flat roof very quickly. Standing Water Weakens the Roof Standing […]

The Dangers of a Leaking Roof

The roof protects you and your family from outside elements such as snow, rain and harsh rays from the sun. However, for your roof to remain in good shape, it has to be scheduled for maintenance. Sadly, most people ignore roof inspection, which can sometimes lead to serious problems like leaks. Leaking roofs can not […]

Roofing Home Insurance: Does It Cover Roof Replacement Projects?

Chances are, you have spent years paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars into your homeowner’s insurance. The understanding you probably have is that this insurance money helps you make needed repairs, and you’re not entirely wrong. However, your insurance cannot help you pay for a new roof, unless the roofing project falls under specific circumstances. […]