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Roof Inspection

Roofs of all kinds will eventually wear down over time. That’s why our experts are always ready for any kind of roof inspection essential for maintaining the quality of your roof. Preventative maintenance is done to catch any problems before they occur as well as avoid unexpected costs.

At Roof Guys in Kentucky, we always advise our clients to have their roofs inspected periodically. Our roof inspection reports are detailed documents that include photographic evidence of the roof conditions. The report provides accurate measurements and diagrams assessing every aspect of wear and tear or storm damage that may be affecting your roofing system. A professional roof inspection from Roof Guys allows us to check every inch of your property so you receive the assessment you deserve.

What’s in a Roof Guys Inspection Report?

  • FREE advanced drone inspection (if applicable)
  • Diagnostic description of damage
  • Preliminary estimate for roof repairs or replacement
  • Recommended repairs
  • Roof measurements and pitch detection
  • Ongoing roof maintenance recommendations
  • Photographs of problem areas
  • Supportive documentation for insurance claim, if applicable