Every homeowner wants their house to appear pleasant, that is why the roof must look just as good. Your roof is integral to keeping your home safe and increasing its value. Often, homeowners only see problems with their roofs once things worsen. Before it gets to that point, you must watch for signs indicating you need a new roof. Although a new roof is not something homeowners want to deal with, waiting too long for a replacement leads to costly damages to your home.

Frequent Roof Leaks

Discolored ceilings or attic indicate water has penetrated your roof. As the water accumulates on the roof surface, it can reach small holes, leading to leakage. Leakage from a roof can cause water damage, mold growth, structural deterioration, electrical hazards and costly repairs if not promptly addressed.

Missing Shingles

There is no problem replacing a few shingles from time to time. However, it may be nearly impossible to find a shingle with the color of the missing shingle. Colors are changing due to weather, making it hard to find an exact match. No one wants their roof to look like a checkerboard, so replacing an entire roof is the best solution.

Algae or Fungus Buildup

Moss thrives in temperate climates, which is an issue for homeowners in such environments. When the moss accumulates on your roof surface, it traps moisture and creates little water dams. Water trapped under shingles can damage the roof, leading to fungal growth and an aesthetically unappealing appearance.

Roof Aging

A typical asphalt shingle lasts between 20 to 30 years. If your roof has exceeded this time, you must replace it to avoid problems. Roofs have different ways of showing their age. For example, they may become more vulnerable to wear and tear, and the shingles may be uneven, bald or cracked.

Proactive inspecting, maintaining, and repairing your roof on time will make it last longer, prevent costly repairs and maintain property value. Roof issues may appear simple but can be more serious than you think. An experienced contractor will assess the entire roof system and recommend a replacement for your home. Roof Guys is a team of highly skilled craftsmen providing high-quality solutions for your roofing needs. Contact us today in Louisville for your roofing replacement.