Living in a heavy weather zone may have pros but there are also some definite cons. Do you suspect that your roof has suffered damage in a recent storm? You may be noticing certain things that raise your suspicions. If so, here are the signs you will need to look for. 

Damage to Your Shingles

You may observe that the shingles on your roof are curled, bent, broken, or flat out missing. If this is the case, you can be sure that your roof has suffered some very real damage. You can also be sure that you may soon be noticing quite a bit of ice, sleet, snow, or rain getting down into your home. The time to replace these broken or missing shingles is now before this issue becomes a real emergency. 

Water Stains Everywhere

You may start to notice all sorts of nasty and potentially smelly stains appearing all over your property. For example, you may begin to see spots of water, bubbles, stains, or puddles. These may appear on the roof or ceiling. They may spread down through the walls and onto your floor.

These pools are more dangerous than you may at first realize. For one, water leaking down through your roof can penetrate into your HVAC or other electrical systems. This can cause shorts, equipment malfunctions, or fires. 

Moldy Stains or Smells

Should you begin to notice nasty odors along with greenish or discolored stains on your walls, ceiling, or floors, you need to take action. Leaking water can form into pools that breed bacteria and mold at an alarming rate.  

If you are sure your roof has issues but don’t know how to proceed, don’t panic. Call the Roof Guys today for expert assistance.