Top Hidden Commercial Roof Problems

While it is possible to notice roofing problems, some issues may crop up and cause significant damage. Over our years in the industry, we have discovered that not all roofing issues are easy to identify. When you have a hidden problem, it may cause your business significant expenses in repairs. Therefore, you need to ensure that you keep up your maintenance appointments with our team at Roof Guys. We know about roofing systems and will do everything possible to keep your business in good shape. All our experience can help us fix all undetectable problems before they cause significant inconveniences.  

Faulty Flashing

According to our research, a huge percentage of roof problems arise due to faulty flashing. This layer goes on the curbs and walls and prevents leaks. However, when something is wrong with the flashing, it can get damaged when expanding or contracting due to temperature changes. Many roofers don’t consider flashing as the first cause of roofing trouble. However, it is essential to check to avoid extensive damage and leaks. 

Poor Installation

Unprofessional installation of your roof can lead to significant damage in the future. Not all cheap roofers should take the job of roofing your building. Hiring someone without the necessary skills may lead to damaging the shingles, wood, or even the flashing. Without proper installation, you can get extensive repair expenses or even early replacement. This will also impact your HVAC usage due to poor insulation, negatively impacting temperature regulation. 


During maintenance or repairs, a puncture or wrong penetration may happen, giving your roof a gap that allows water to seep through. If your roofer does not notice or correct this hole in good time, it may worsen over time and cost you significantly in repairs. Depending on the location and size of the puncture, you may need to halt business for a while as you take care of the mess. The best way to solve this is to seal the penetration as soon as possible. 

Wind Damage

Strong winds significantly impact the integrity of your flashing, even though the impact happens over time. In most cases, the uplift due to wind pressure strains the flashing, causing it to come loose. The force may also impact the seams, membranes, and shingles, causing lasting effects that require repairs and replacement. 

The best way to deal with roofing problems is by scheduling regular maintenance sessions. As an owner of a commercial building, annual assessments will help you know when there is a hidden problem that requires urgent attention. This way, you can prevent a complete closure of the building due to renovations or replacements.

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