Roofing Home Insurance: Does It Cover Roof Replacement Projects?

Chances are, you have spent years paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars into your homeowner’s insurance. The understanding you probably have is that this insurance money helps you make needed repairs, and you’re not entirely wrong. However, your insurance cannot help you pay for a new roof, unless the roofing project falls under specific circumstances.

Lost Your Roof to a Storm? The Insurance Will Help

If part or all of your roof was lifted off your house during a tornado or a violent windstorm, then yes, your insurance will help you cover replacement costs. This is considered an “act of God” under insurance clauses and therefore is a covered event. Just be aware that you will not get the full value of the roof replacement. You still have to pay your own deductible before the insurance kicks in their part.

Falling Debris? Covered

What about falling debris? Is your home covered against falling debris? In most cases, yes, but you are less likely to get the entire roof replaced and more likely to get the damaged part repaired. In essence, part of the damages is covered by insurance, but the damages are only covered for repair work, not for an entire roof replacement.

Fire and Water Damage

Fire and water damage are also covered under most insurance plans. Fire is almost always covered, where water damage may be excluded in part or in whole. You will have to read the fine print in your insurance contract. In this case, you may actually get a complete roof replacement under fire damage as fire has a way of destroying a lot more of a roof than what you can see from the ground.

Roof Replacement Just Because You Want It

Granted, a roof replacement is necessary once every twenty years or so (unless you have a metal roof). However, your insurance company considers that “maintenance” and not something more serious. As a result, your insurance will not cover the costs associated with a roof replacement that is typical maintenance on a home.

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