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The XYZCo. Newsletter for Internationally Educated Nurses is widely distributed to professional nurses and experienced graduates of CGFNS-approved nursing schools globally, including regional distribution in Southeast Asia, Africa, Canada and Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

A new edition of the XYZCo. Newsletter for Internationally Educated Nurses is produced each month. Distribution for the newsletter spread across our geographic regions is staggered throughout the month to ensure a consistent response from IENs for each edition of the newsletter.

The XYZCo. Newsletter is distributed to experienced (2+ years) nurses. Distribution also includes students currently enrolled in baccalaureate nursing degrees, as well as recent graduates, for the benefit of organizations that would like to target early-career candidates for future sponsorship.

Internationally Educated Nurses play an essential role within healthcare organizations to address shortages within the global health workforce. Every day, IENs work in inpatient and outpatient settings providing clinical services ranging from critical care to ambulatory care to long-term care in all major nursing specialties. Healthcare organizations rely on IENs to provide culturally-competent care to increasingly diverse patient populations and communities.

Hospital systems, academic medical centers, long-term care facilities, travel nursing organizations, nurse staffing agencies, and ambulatory care facilities are among the many types of healthcare organizations that recognize the unique value of Internationally Educated Nurses and seek to attract IENs for workforce development.

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