For those who need a strong surface that can withstand the weight of vehicles, our HydraPlank permeable pavers were built to last! These extremely durable drivable pavers are our thickest ones yet. Coming in at 110mm, this makes them the perfect choice for heavy commercial traffic areas. The new permeable paver shape is the perfect mix of traditional and modern design. Available in over 20 color options, and three finishes, these high-traffic pavers can be customized to be incorporated flawlessly in any design.

If the HydraPlank permeable paver seems like the right choice for your current project, then you’ve come to the right place. Lowcountry Paver will help make sure you get the right number of pavers you need and at a reasonable price.

Size: 4 1/13″ x 13″ X 4 1/13″ 

Permeability Percentage: 11.8%
Available Thickness: 4 1/13″
Available Style: Classic, Riverwalk, Tabby


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